Some chocolatiers make their creations from molds ordered from a manufacturer. Others make their confections by hand, carving their own molds and designing their own recipes. In many cases, chocolatiers sell both their own creations as well as baskets of their creations mixed with fine chocolates from upscale chocolatiers.
While most people in the business enjoy the work, it does take a lot of effort. Most chocolatiers are self-employed. They have to work the chocolate by hand or with machines. Plus, they must do all the marketing and selling.
Some chocolatiers work in large organizations, such as major candy companies. Those are jobs where the chocolatier is responsible for mostly new chocolate creations and designs. And these are the people who bring us new variations of the chocolate candy bar.
Sight disabilities may limit a person in this field. But most aspects of the career can be adapted to persons of varying abilities. Often, particularly during the holiday season, chocolatiers can work long hours trying to keep up with orders. And as with any career involving food processing and cooking equipment, there are hazards. That risk is somewhat reduced when proper safety procedures are followed.
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