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Finally a high quality chocolate in Oregon!

Varying complexities and nuances abound in the discovery box. Try pairing your favorites with fresh mandarin, aji amarillo, or honey-glazed peaches for a decadent array. Match with your wine of choice and let the product melt on your tongue. However you choose to enjoy this excellent chocolate will not only continue to impress you, but your friends, family, guests, and clients as well! Fantastic quality! Kudos!

by Brian Bowen - Boring, OR

The best chocolate ever

Truly a sensory sensation. Melts on the tongue to silky perfection. My favorite is Ecuador with its subtly spicy undertones. Highly recommended.

by Marta - New York City, NY

More than just chocolate, this is a taste sensation. Must try!!

If you are a chocolate lover, as I am, and you think you have tried the best chocolate out there, let me tell you, you have not yet, until you try these ones!! This is a truly taste sensation!! I recommend following the order indicated so you are able to fully savor the complexity and nuances of each of the origins. Take the time to taste it, enjoy it, and let it melt in your mouth, you will be amazed. And there is a chocolate for everyone in this box, no matter if you like it dark or with a tad of milk, you will find one that you will love. So, next time you are looking for the best chocolate you can find, do yourself a favor and try these, you won't regret it!! 

Also, a shout out for the packaging, not only is classy and elegant but is sustainable for out planet. So, best quality for your taste buds and best option for taking care of our planet. Win-win 100%

by Rocio Blanco - Mapple Valley, WA

Chocolate on a new and higher level.

This is the best chocolate that I have ever tasted. This is chocolate on a new plain of existence. We did a formal tasting of the different chocolates. We followed the rules and breathed and "tasted" the chocolates, taking time to savor each piece. We used the order that the information in the box recommended. The chocolate is delicious. Each piece really does have a distinctive flavor. You can really tell the difference if you take them in order; from the dark chocolate to the milk chocolate. Yum. We really did enjoy the tasting. There is a big difference between tasting and eating. And having the background of where each was produced, added to the enjoyment. We also commend you on your commitment to the environment and to supporting the workers who grow the beans. It is an honor to be one of the first in the U.S. to try your new chocolate delights. Congratulations.

by Jim Wright - Kansas City, KS

Unique quality

These chocolates are a true gourmet experience. From the initial bite to the slow melting in the mouth, it is a complex and rewarding experience. I personally love the Mexico chocolate, powerful but bright, not sugary at all. I would also recommend the exceptional Ecuador bar. A very special opportunity to discover what chocolate can be, a must try.

by Pascal - New York City, NY

Excellent chocolate

I highly recommend the chocolate here to anyone interested. It is the most extraordinary chocolate I have ever tasted. The flavor is just amazing.

by Raymond Despres | Apr 14, 2022 

Chocolat-e Rocks!

We had an after dinner Chocolat-e tasting with company recently where we served two dark varietals, Madagascar and Dominican Republic, and two dark milk, Belize and Brazil. The darks overwhelmingly were favored and comments like 'full-bodied', 'amazing' and 'decadent' were overheard. To complement the chocolate, blueberry and pear Pâtes de fruits were served and went beautifully with the chocolates. We plan on being a repeat customer and highly recommend to others!

by Laura Sabo | Nov 10, 2021

Best chocolate I have ever had

Since the different varieties come from different parts of the world, the flavor is slightly different in each variety. The chocolate slowly melts on your tongue giving you a chance to savor the flavor. I personally like the Madagascar the best but all of the varieties are delicious.

by Forrestt E Ray | Dec 17, 2021

I've really never had an experience like it

I've really never had an experience like it. The complex flavors that change as each piece melts are so surprising and multi- layered. It's a sensual experience for the mind and taste buds.

by Dan | Dec 12, 2021

5 stars for sure

As I don’t know too much about chocolate, I decided that I would do a taste test. I went to my local fancy grocery store and bought a few 55% dark chocolate bars. I took a bite and I can instantly tell the difference – the smoothness, the flavor, and the aftertaste are noticeably different. Your chocolates have this wonderful lingering taste that is fragrant and satisfying. I am no chocolate connoisseur but your product is quite special.

by Qingqing | Dec 11, 2021

Really good!!

I’ve had the opportunity to taste most of the chocolates and fruits.
We Americans like to eat fast, don’t with this product. Break a small piece off, place it under your tongue, savor the smells and flavor. Then treat yourself break off another piece and chow down!! Then savor the next bite. Enjoy it like you would wine.

The fruits are amazing (and I love chocolate!!). The taste and flavor stays with you after you have swallowed it. Amazing!! Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

by Larry Schwartz on Oct 13, 2021



Chocolat-e has been a tremendous asset to my client appreciation process. Many of my clients are foodies, and many are also sensitive to environmental issues. The combination of unique, high-quality treats and minimalist, recyclable packaging creates an irresistible gift. The aesthetic of the products also perfectly mirrors the values and qualities I want my clients to experience from me: nuanced, thoughtful, complex, elegant--but not the least bit pretentious. With Chocolat-e, I know I'm gifting the same joy and delight that I experienced the first time I tasted the Discovery Bites and other delicious confections. 


Joan Rogers | Principal BrokerWINDERMERE REALTY TRUST

At Homemasters, we were looking for that elusive "special touch" that lets our customers know we really appreciate them. They have already seen us go out of our way to serve them, but that magic gift box from Chocolat-e says it... with chocolate!