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How many companies are created backwards? Intentionally. We did this and we want you to know why. We created the pillars first, and then the product. We put a lot of thought and effort into make Chocolat-e more than just another chocolate brand.

We asked ourselves a few questions when we started Chocolat-e. What is the point of creating yet another chocolate brand?  If not ethical? If not sustainable? If not socially responsible? If not focused on the best taste? If not dedicated to give you the best experience?

Chocolat-e has been a certified Benefit Corporation for Good since 2023, and we are working on recertification for 2024. You don’t know exactly what that is? Check it out here and shoot an email to Tom Hering if you want to be part of this great community.  

This coming year will be even busier because we started our B Corp certification with the help of Kim Allchurch at .  Unless you have plenty of time on your hands, work with her, she’s B Lab certified, and she’s the perfect guide to help you through the process.

The cocoa business is not the cleanest one ever, you’ve probably heard about lawsuits against the major chocolate companies for child labor, enslavement of women, or both.  And now the prices of cocoa are up. Not good news for customers, but what about the farmers? Are they going to see an increase of their wages? Probably not.

We source our beans through Valrhona, a B Corp company, recertified in 2024. That means a lot in this industry. What we pay for our beans is way over what the other chocolate companies pay for theirs, and because our beans are 100% traceable  -- we know they are clean. We know that our farmers are paid decently and have access to healthcare and education. While Valrhona can never guarantee you a 100% clean product, they can get closer to that goal than most other companies. They have their boots on the ground, they’ve known the business for over 100 years, they know the farmers, and they know the competitive market.  

Chocolate is all about pleasure. While enjoying your bite of bliss, you shouldn’t be thinking about the real price you’re paying for it. But we still want you to know. What is your guilty pleasure worth to you?  

Chocolat-e is all about care and fairness. We’re working hard on it, and our chocolate doesn’t have a bitter taste – sensually or metaphorically.

Because our inventory was produced prior to the January price explosion, the price of our chocolate for 2024 is the same as it was for 2023. Shipping and packaging is a little more expensive in 2024, and we try to minimize that impact for you.

Because in the end, we’re in the business of pleasure and you, as our customer, as the  final destination in our flow, must be treated – just as everyone in the supply chain - with fairness and respect.

Enjoy the Chocolat-e experience.