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Take a tasting trip to South America, Central America and on The Islands! Our 100% single origin chocolate bars will take you on a fantastic journey full of aromas.


BELIZE  |  47%  |  DARK-MILK CHOCOLATE  |  Feel the wave rising: white flower and jasmin crest, then lush foaming floral swell. Belize cacao + milk + Tahitian vanilla, this unprecedented combination will convert dark chocolate fans…
MEXICO  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Hard -almost burned- caramel taste, then peppery notes, licorice touch, yellow fruits acidity. A long lasting spell from Mexico, where Mayans and Aztecs made cocoa a drink of the gods.


BRAZIL  |  43%  |  DARK-MILK CHOCOLATE  |  Sensations of infused black tea… scent of driftwood warming in the sun… It is Brazilian cocoa, its bitterness, tartness and tannic power, calmed by the bewitching force of milk.
ECUADOR  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Think of flowers (jasmine? rose? up to you) and forest, undergrowth, cut grass, hazelnut… Fruits (banana, coconut…) make your eyes widen. This is lush Ecuador, the cradle of cocoa.


MADAGASCAR  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Raspberry and/or citrus, definitely sour. Roasted and yet fruity notes. Heady anyhow. Madagascar is a « young » origin (ca. 1900). Hence this delicious impertinence ! 
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Ripe currant for the subtle acidity. Tobacco leaves. A camphorated and even mentholated haunting freshness. You owe it to a specific fermentation of the cocoa beans of Santo Domingo.


Smell the chocolate. Break a small piece and let it melt under your tongue. Give time to the chocolate to release its aromas. Enjoy. Repeat.

Our single origin chocolate is sourced from one country, one region, and even one single Cocoa farm.

Like fine wine or cheese, eac