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This morning was out first experience being on TV. Chocolat-e is still a young company, and Norm and I were sort of nervous and intimated...

This is serious TV, CBS and stuff. So, yes, we were pretty much intimated. But this feeling only lasted a few minutes. From the lobby to the studio, everyone we met at KOIN 6 was so nice and welcoming, treating us like we were very special people. Why is that? Because we had chocolate in our bag? Just kidding.

Tom Keeler (Vice President & General Manager @KOIN, KRCW, and welcomed us in the lobby; how's that for a very special entry in the TV world? Then came our friend Matt Manor (Account Executive @KOIN, KRCW, and, the one who made this interview possible.

We met him a few months ago at a tasting we organized for the Portland Executive Association (that we joined just after this event because these people are just great people!) and we know Matt really liked our chocolate!  He was seated next to me at the tasting and I watched him enjoying!
Matt said he would work on having us on his new program "EveryDay Northwest” hosted by Ashley Howard, freshly arrived from Des Moines, Iowa.“Your product is amazing, this is our job to give you exposure. This show is all about local people and products. And Ashley is great, you'll see.”

Tuesday morning, we met with Ashley. And yes Matt, she's definitely great. And so much fun! She welcomed us like friends and made us feel like at home! "Oh I love Chocolate” she said between two laughs. “I'm so excited to taste your gourmet chocolate!” She was game to taste live, not before. She trusted Matt's presentation, she went through our website, doing her job as a real journalist. Thank you Ashley and thank you Matt. And thank you to everybody on the set!

What happened next? Well, you'll be the judge of it!