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From the idea to the test -or taste. Our first Chocolate themed Dinner was a success. And this is why.

We were sort of nervous when we first presented the idea to Chef Ryan Hampton at Junki's-Riverview Restaurant: a Chocolate themed dinner. Cool idea on paper but is it doable? Chef Ryan answered: “Sure, why not?”. 
We gave him carte blanche; he came up with a menu and we accepted blindly. And we were definitely anxious to taste it!  
The date and menu were set, our job was to fill up the dining room. Thank you Annette Freetage for the team effort from day one.

We're happy because all went so well, and better than we had expected! This is why:


Our guests

It's pretty difficult to make a social event without... people! But when you're lucky enough to have great people attending the event then you can be sure that everything will go right. And it did! Friends, supporters, friends of friends, all gathered for one purpose: to enjoy the moment.

Russell, winemaker at Winters Hill, was present to introduce his wines to our guests.

Norm took the microphone to welcome everybody, he's Mr. Community at Chocolat-e and takes his job very seriously!

Thank you Annette for helping us making this moment a great one!

The dinner

No dinner is successful without good food. And sincerely (I'm talking to you Ryan), the food was not good but exquisite! Chef Ryan Hampton did a fantastic job combining his organic and fresh ingredients with our chocolate.

Chicken Mole over roasted Corn Fritter. Rich, spicy, tasty, cooked with our Mexican chocolate. The fritters were deliciously made, crunchy and soft, the way they should be!

Roasted Root Vegetables with Cocoa Nib Vinaigrette & Goat Cheese Crumbles. A cold dish after the warm mole, a very nice feeling of freshness, an interesting balance between the root veggies and the goat cheese, a strong and sharp vinaigrette to keep our palates alert.

Wild Salmon, Pan-fried and served with Raspberry-Horseradish Coulis compound Cocoa Butter & micro Greens. OK, this one was really tricky. The salmon smelled like chocolate while tasting like salmon! Chef Ryan outdid himself here, playing with our senses, tricking our palates after delivering other messages through our noses. The greens were made the French way (al dente inside, roasted outside) and the coulis really gave some flair to the whole dish. Very well done Ryan!

Cocoa Nib Crusted Beef Short Rib, Accompanied by Garlic mashed Yukon Potatoes, grilled Broccolini & Chocolate balsamic Reduction.   

I didn't taste it! So if you had it and want to comment on it, please write to us, we'll publish your words. 

The Chocolate Experience. We presented our six single origin gourmet chocolates to our guests (most of them being  previously converted) and took them through a tasting. It was not easy to convince them to put their wine aside for a few minutes or to take their time to savor the chocolate without chewing it right away. But we managed! And everyone understood the reason why we are pushing the concept of origins.