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Valentine's Day is a two person story. That's why we decided to ask our Team members to present their own personal Valentine. First because we didn't meet some of them and we're excited to discover them, second because we enjoy love stories!
Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, highschool seetheart, you name it.
We'll be adding a new portrait everyday, be sure to visit us.



“Believe in encounters…We met in a car accident, I took Hélène to the hospital.The next day, I brought her a piece of cake and it's been going on for 30 years… Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!” — Frédéric
Frédéric is our French chocolatier. He lives in Fontainebleau, France. 



“My special Valentine is my husband, Jerome. We randomly sat next to each other on a flight from Philly to Chicago and the next thing I know, 20 years later, we are married with 2 kids and a dog! He makes me laugh all the time. As much as I complain about Jerome's goofy “Dad Jokes”, I secretly love them and as much as he complains about me singing along too loudly with songs on the radio, I think he secretly loves it too. I guess you could say we are the Yin to each other’s Yang!” — Laura 
Laura is our Video and Media expert. She lives in Philadelphia, PA.



“41 years of marriage soon -next May- and still very happy to be together. We share a taste for travel and gastronomy, for being surrounded by our three children and our five grandchildren, and for living alongside each other on a daily basis without forgetting…the pleasure of chocolate!” — Michel
Michel is our Investor and co-Founder of Chocolat-e. He lives in Nantes, France. 



“The car business brought them together. A long distance friendship over 9 years, while Greg served in the Army, strengthened their bond and respect for one another. Finally in 2014, she pulled up her big girl panties and asked him out. They have been together ever since. Adventuring with cross country road trips, hiking, snow shoeing, and kayaking top the to-do list. Their fuzzy son, Sherman, and the youngest addition to the adventure, Greyson have brought a whole new complexity and reward to their lives.” — Annette
Annette is our SEO expert. She lives in Sandy, OR.



“Brenda & I met on a blind date. We just celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary in December. We like to travel, going to restaurants and Golden Retrievers!! We have two adult kids. We have the same birth date (a couple of years apart)! Frankly, I’m not sure why she puts up with me but she does.”— Larry
Larry is our chocolate Ambassador. He lives in Beaverton, OR.



“We met at Camera World in downtown Portland.  We have been married for 13 years.  We adore our black lab, Jasper.  David and I love going on adventures together.  Our "other child" is our Jeep Rubicon that we take off-roading, Overlanding, and camping.  And David is definitely the "better" half of our duo.  ;)” — Aubrie

Aubrie is our designated photographer! She lives in Portland, OR. 



“Gwladys and I met 25 years ago, as coworkers. Then 18 years later, when a rehearsal lead to a drink and a sofa! We both are cooks and gourmets, travelling through the landscapes as well as the dishes and specialties. The French countryside is full of wonders! We love the selfish pleasure of being only two. We tolerate our 4 children for their curiosity and enthusiasm. We invite and spoil our friends. Dark chocolate is a permanent guest, wether we are reading side-by-side with jazz / 90s rock in the background or completing a banquet for 12 people.” — Christophe

Christophe is our copywriter/writer. He lives in Paris, France.



“The day you came into my life, you filled me with happiness, passion and shared joys. I love your sincerity, your tenderness, and your generosity. May this love continue then we will enjoy together these very beautiful moments that the years to come will offer us.” — Eric

Eric is cofounder of Chocolat-e. He lives in Malaga, Spain



“Opposites attract. James is big and older and I’m still this thin 45 year old "ish" teenager he met almost 12 years ago. He loves elevator music and listening (and singing loud too, oh yes) to Julio iglesias when I enjoy my intimate moments with John Coltrane. His life -and our home- is full of too much stuff, I got rid of my lifetime objects when I moved to the US. James loves to spend all day at his computer and I… well, me too actually. Oh and he loves to watch true crimes shows on those steaming channels and I must admit that their influence make me… creative! Happy Valentine’s Day Jimmy. ” — Jeanyves

Jeanyves is cofounder of Chocolat-e. He lives in Manzanita, Oregon



Almost 37 years ago, Monika (Moni) & I began our journey of love, savoring our coffee time almost every morning other than the times she was alway on Seiko business to Asia, or Europe. We each came from two different worlds, both personally and in business. The small town Oregonian and the German notes ever present, each of us remaining true to our heritages but enjoying the love we discovered together, which includes three daughters, and two incredible grandkids, some very special friends who have joined us on our journey of life - a life and love we celebrate together! Happy Valentine's Day, Monika.” — Norm

Norm is cofounder of Chocolat-e. He lives in Boring, Oregon