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We’re part of this community now. And we’re proud! But what have we done to deserve such an honor?

“Building a community of purpose-driven businesses that are creating meaningful change in the world”.
That’s the motto of Benefit Corporations for Good.

As we just said, we are part of this now. And very proud! And humble at the same time, because we are among so many other great companies in this community. 
We have just started, there’s so much to be done and hopefully no end to it. We’re a work in progress and actually there’s always a way to go further.

We love challenges, we’re ready. We also love chocolate, and that’s our story.


What have we done to deserve such an honor?

We  created our company backwards: the pillars first then the product. We put a lot of thought and effort to make Chocolat-e more than just another chocolate brand.

We were very fortunate to be mentored by some bright brains and generous hearts: Mil Niepold (The Mara Partners), Lucie Bourgeois, ASC, C. Dir., M.Sc., CRHA (Umalia) and my forever friend Corinne Adam (Corinne Adam Consulting Services). 

Those three women showed us the way to be even more sustainable and responsible within the supply chain and for the planet. We owe you, sisters! 

And special kudos to our partner Valrhona France, B Corp certified, our 100% traceable cocoa beans’ sourcer.

We have created Chocolat-e with a Purpose, combining indulgence and impact. A simple program where we partner with local non-profits, create original designs and launch donation campaigns to promote our partnerships. 
Our customers enjoy our gourmet chocolate while supporting community.

Our chocolate definitely tastes good, that’s a fact. But to us, it tastes even better with notes of generosity and caring.

Thank you for supporting us in our journey,

Jeanyves & Norm, co-founders