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What makes the difference between a homemade cake and a world class chocolatier's one?

Savoir-faire and ingredients. 

A great chocolatier will use gourmet chocolate to bake his or her cakes, while a homebaker will use supermarket chocolate.
That was before we launched our gourmet baking line.  Our single origin gourmet chocolate will make your cakes and cookies just... fabulous.




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Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. When was the last time you had or baked any with gourmet chocolate chips? 
Supermarket chocolate chips are ok to bake "ok chocolate chip cookies". How does baking fabulous chocolate chip cookies sound?
Frédéric -our chocolatier- revisited the American recipe -less sugar, different process- by making chocolate chip cookies with two chocolates: a 72% dark 
chocolate (Mexico) and a 47% Dark Milk (Belize). The result is stunning. 

FRÉDÉRIC'S NOTES “The idea of using a Dark and a Dark Milk for my Chocolate chip cookies is to create a constant dance between the aromas of a strong chocolate taste and a sweeter one. The Mexican chocolate is powerful, somewhat peppery and roasted. The Belizean one is sweet with the vanilla and white flowers notes. Everyone knows that chocolate loses a great part of its aroma when you cook it, but with this recipe -and these chocolates- you will realize that your palate will catch the nuances and differences. It's delightful.”  Frédéric Cassel



Sorbet will retain the original notes of each single-origin chocolate because the only additional ingredients are water and sugar. Fully enjoy our chocolate, just frozen.

FRÉDÉRIC'S NOTES The origin I recommend for making sorbet? All of them! Try a batch per origin and serve a flight of sorbets: six shot glasses of gourmet chocolate that will leave your family and friends asking for more. For extra class – freeze them ahead and serve them on a fancy board! Want to up the fun factor? Do a blind tasting to see if anyone can identify the origin of each sorbet. It’s gourmet. It’s delicious. It’s amazing. And it is definitely different!”  Frédéric Cassel