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Because everybody loves chocolate, we’ve created a gourmet chocolate that takes you back to the origins of taste. Discover - or rediscover- the authentic taste of single origin chocolate.

‘Chocolat’ is the French word- we added an ‘e’ to make it English, and a hyphen for a bridge between the two cultures. 
We are Chocolat-e (it is pronounced chocolate) an American/French venture. We’re Chocolat-e, the gourmet chocolate company.
Gourmet by passion, gourmet by culture. Created in Oregon and produced in France, our chocolate follows the tradition of using the best quality ingredients to make the best chocolate. 
For the five of us, it’s all about taste and pleasure. And the best experience for you.




Our chocolate beans are 100% single origin, sourced by Valrhona --the #1 premium chocolate provider for Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers worldwide for over a century. Probably the best cocoa beans you can find.
Valrhona has partnered with several cocoa farms around the world to ensure the respect of their high quality process and genuine taste, the respect of each terroir. With their support on the ground, we’ve selected the best cocoa beans from Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Belize, Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador.




Frédéric Cassel - our French chocolatier - created six gourmet chocolates based on these 100% single origin beans.
Frédéric was honored as the Best Pastry Chef of the Year in France (1999 & 2007) and won the Pastry World Cup with the French team (2013).
His headquarters and main shop are based in Fontainebleau, France. You can find his chocolate and pastries in Germany, Tunisia, Morocco and Japan.
For Frédéric, origins are what really matter to create the most exquisite and genuine chocolate.




Our chocolate is processed by Valrhona (Tain-l’Hermitage, France) and produced by Bovetti Chocolats (Terrasson, France), professional co-packer for over 30 years. 
All of this expertise combines to transform our original recipes into the gourmet chocolate that we present to you to taste and savor.




Not only does our chocolate taste great, but you can feel good about it from the beans to the bars.
In partnership with the Valrhona Foundation, we treat our farmers as partners and ensure a fair income for them, along with access to education and health care. 
Human rights are a challenge in the cocoa industry and we partner hand in hand with the Valrhona Foundation. Yes, human rights matter to us.
We believe in contributing to a more sustainable and ethical cocoa farming sector. Sustainable farming and innovation can slow deforestation thereby reducing the impact on global warming.




Gourmet chocolate in cardboard is our deliberate choice. All of our stylish and sustainable packaging is recycled, recyclable and compostable. We also promote reusing our boxes once empty and ordering refills in our recycled/recyclable brown bags. 
Less packaging, less waste!  For us and for our planet.




During our chocolate tastings, we tell our guests : “Don’t eat our chocolate, savor it”. Gourmet chocolate tasting is like fine wine tasting: an experience where being patient while keeping all senses awake are involved. 
Because chocolate needs to be warmed to release its aromas, the key is to let it melt under your tongue and take your time to fully enjoy the range of notes. And everytime people do that, our reward is to see the pleasure in their eyes. And they often say: “Oh wow. So this is how genuine chocolate tastes? I’ve never tasted it like that before.” And then we know… we’ve just created another monster.



We are part of this now. And very proud! And humble at the same time, because we are among so many other great companies in this community. 

We have just started, there’s so much to be done and hopefully no end to it. We’re a work in progress and actually there’s always a way to go further.

We love challenges, we’re ready. 





What is the point of creating yet another chocolate brand?...


We built our foundational pillars on our values while asking this question.


… If not ethical?

NO to labor exploitation. YES to ethical sourcing.

Because we know that everything comes with a price and our respect for our fellow human beings comes way before profit. 


.. If not sustainable?

NO to deforestation. NO to excessive waste. 

YES to recyclable and recycled packaging.

Because we believe we can contribute to a healthier planet.


… if not socially responsible?

NO to discrimination. YES to diversity and inclusion. Because we believe in supporting our communities.


… If not focused on the best taste?

WIth our firm foundations in place, we can begin to focus on taste.

NO to beans grown solely for high yield. YES to high quality beans and the best processes used to enhance their unique origins and tastes. 


… If not dedicated to give you the best experience?

NO to mindless munching.  YES to an elevated, multi-sensual experience. 

Because at the end of the day, we make this chocolate for you to savor and enjoy.