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The prestigious International Chocolate Awards academy released their list last Saturday for the 2021-22 winners. And guess what: we were part of it! 

For their 10th anniversary, the palmares for the US was a big win especially for Central and South American chocolatiers. Chocolat-e was among the US winners and we’re happy!

We entered 5 chocolates in the competition. You need to get a note above 82 to get an award. All of our chocolates were above 77.35, two above 80 and one at  85.64: the Brazil - Dark Milk - 43%, winner of the Bronze Award in the Plain/origin Milk chocolate bar entry.

There were big and prestigious names in the competition and wow, we’re proud and happy to be considered among the good ones now!

Awesome achievement after only one year in business! Thank you to all the judges for their admirable sense of taste! :) 


More about the International Chocolate Awards.

“The International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition recognising excellence in fine chocolate making and in the products made with fine chocolate. As the World’s only fully independent international fine chocolate competition, we aim to support companies producing fine chocolate and chocolatiers, small companies and artisans working with fine chocolate. By helping these markets to grow and develop, we also aim to support the farmers that grow fine cacao.”