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All started with a simple question to Chef Ryan Hampton from Junki’s Riverview Restaurant. Can we design a full menu based on chocolate? From a few notes to start to 100% chocolate to finish?

“Let’s try!” Chef Ryan and Jeff -his second- started creating and experimenting with a neat selection of vegetables, some expected and unexpected fruits, salmon and beef, substituting oil or butter with organic cocoa butter, adding cocoa nibs to push the chocolate notes...

Chef Ryan did more than trying. He created a full gourmet menu associating chocolate with the most organic and best local ingredients, in the full tradition of the Riverview Restaurant.

And for dessert, what is better than tasting six single origin Dark & Dark Milk chocolates, the Chocolate Experience. The perfect way to end this unique chocolate dinner.

This chocolate dinner is ready for you. Are you ready for the experience?

Chocolate is not just for dessert anymore

Riverview Restaurant led by Ryan has prepared an entire 3-course meal that showcases the savory complex richness that chocolate can bring to every step of a meal.  Reserve your spots now and join us for an entire night of new chocolate experiences.

Tuesday June 7th | 6 PM

29311 SE STARK ST  |  TROUTDALE  |  OR 97060


S  T  A  R  T  E  R

Chicken Mole
over roasted Corn Fritter


Roasted Root Vegetables
with Cocoa Nib Vinaigrette & Goat Cheese Crumbles


M  A  I  N    C  O  U  R  S  E

Wild Salmon
Pan-fried and served with Raspberry-Horseradish Coulis compound Cocoa Butter & micro Greens


Cocoa Nib Crusted Beef Short Rib
Accompanied by Garlic mashed Yukon Potatoes, grilled Broccolini & Chocolate-balsamic Reduction


D  E  S  S  E  R  T

The Chocolate Experience
Six single origin gourmet chocolates
explained by Jeanyves & Norm, Founders of Chocolat-e Inc




Price per person  |  Drinks not included
Wine options available at the restaurant with Winter's Hill Winery
Dinner will start at 6:45PM




Executive Chef & General Manager, Junki's Riverview Restaurant

Born and raised just east of Portland Oregon, Ryan brings a refreshing twist to accessible seasonal gourmet food.
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts previously Western Culinary Institute gave Ryan the tools and confidence to take on any menu. 
While attending school he bounced around a few of the many Brew Pubs that make Portland Oregon a foodie destination.  Working up the ranks didn't take long.  Ryan concluded his formal culinary education with an internship at the iconic McMenamin's Edgefield Black Rabbit Restaurant.  The atmosphere of sustainable seasonal offerings was intoxicating for him.
Through his journey he learned the importance of working with like-minded professionals that are dedicated to the experience of food and work-life balance.  In 2006 Ryan jumped into the role of Executive Chef at Junki’s Riverview Restaurant.

Junki’s Riverview Restaurant

Previously the Portland Automobile Club, the Riverview Restaurant is a scenic twenty-acre property that hugs the Sandy River.  The original clubhouse of the Portland Automobile Club hosts events year-round catered by Ryan and his team.  The building was specifically built to make the most of the unique and calming scenic gorge.  Together with the gazebos and manicured grounds many happy couples choose to hold their nuptials and celebrations at this memorable venue. 
Splitting time and attention between his duties both as the Executive Chef and General Manager since the age of 22 years old would overwhelm many.  Currently, he is providing wedding and event catering as well as counter-style service for Mt Hood Community College.  Through the years Ryan’s extensive knowledge and experience with the finest ingredients and local NW flavors have flourished for your enjoyment.  His staff are attentive and truly knowledgeable and appreciate your questions.