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Take a tasting trip to South America, Central America and on The Islands! Our 100% single origin chocolate bars will take you on a fantastic journey full of aromas.


BELIZE  |  47%  |  DARK-MILK CHOCOLATE  |  Feel the wave rising: white flower and jasmin crest, then lush foaming floral swell. Belize cacao + milk + Tahitian vanilla, this unprecedented combination will convert dark chocolate fans…
MEXICO  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Hard -almost burned- caramel taste, then peppery notes, licorice touch, yellow fruits acidity. A long lasting spell from Mexico, where Mayans and Aztecs made cocoa a drink of the gods.


BRAZIL  |  43%  |  DARK-MILK CHOCOLATE  |  Sensations of infused black tea… scent of driftwood warming in the sun… It is Brazilian cocoa, its bitterness, tartness and tannic power, calmed by the bewitching force of milk.
ECUADOR  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Think of flowers (jasmine? rose? up to you) and forest, undergrowth, cut grass, hazelnut… Fruits (banana, coconut…) make your eyes widen. This is lush Ecuador, the cradle of cocoa.


MADAGASCAR  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Raspberry and/or citrus, definitely sour. Roasted and yet fruity notes. Heady anyhow. Madagascar is a « young » origin (ca. 1900). Hence this delicious impertinence ! 
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  |  72%  |  DARK CHOCOLATE  |  Ripe currant for the subtle acidity. Tobacco leaves. A camphorated and even mentholated haunting freshness. You owe it to a specific fermentation of the cocoa beans of Santo Domingo.


Smell the chocolate. Break a small piece and let it melt under your tongue. Give time to the chocolate to release its aromas. Enjoy. Repeat.